About The Project

The idea is to create a searchable database of all public corporate data.

The problem is that corporate data is spread across a number of disparate systems making it extremely difficult for the public to get a deep insight into our corporate neighbors.

This "Proof of Concept" site is using data from NHTSA, OSHA, FDA and CFPB.

We are actively seeking funders for a phase 1 rollout. Interested? Get in touch.

This is a project of Advocacy Center, Inc. a 501(3).

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Planned Features

  • People Map

    Link key people across companies.

  • Data Import

    Bring in more corporate data from scraping and manual addition.

  • Faceted Search

    Allow searching of items by same topic.

  • Corporate Map

    Map subsidiaries across people and locations

  • Automatic Updates

    Pull in data automatically

  • Corporate Grades

    Grade corporations based on consumer complaints, product safety, environmental stewardship and worker safety.